Electric steamer

The electric steamer made first in Japan

This machine steamed shao-mai, steamed rice with red beans.

We make electric steamer 1.4kw`9kw.

Water tank is 60L, so just put water at twice a day.



Electric griller

The electric griller has same heating power as charcoal heating power.

That meaning is the electric griller grilled the surface of the meat,

gravy is still inside of the meat, because heater's surface is 750.

Our company also makes machine for stake, fish, shellfish, etc using that heater.


Kamameshi(rice cooker)

Do you know kamameshi? Kamameshi is the rice, which put vegetables, meat, and so on, on the rice cooked with the kama(pot). This machine is@changeable setting temperature and timer. So, washed rice put into the pot with cup of soup, then push green button. When time is up, the rice is cooked perfectly.